How to Use Exercise to Prevent Disease

Researchers at Stanford and Harvard University’s concluded that they saw "no statistically detectable differences" between taking medications for heart disease and prediabetes and structured physical exercise! Nearly 339,300 people participated in 305 randomized controlled trials for comparing the effectiveness of drug interventions and exercise on mortality. Poor fitness is the number one cause of premature [...]


How to Take Charge of Stress

It is said that the progress of civilization is defined by the technological innovations and, similarly, the progress of the mind is defined by the leap it makes into a higher model. The facts are in this the 21st century even though the mind of human beings has leaped to a higher plane; it is [...]


Warning: Are You Staying Hydrated?

Did you know that dehydration is the most common cause of headaches? When you don’t drink enough water, your blood doesn’t have enough fluid to transport nutrients, and your cells cannot maintain your energy and activity. You will also run low on electrolytes which provide communication channels between your nerves and muscles. A headache might [...]


Create and Follow Your Own Home Fitness Program

If lack of time was the reason you gave up your gym membership, it is about time you put your exercise shoes back on. Working at home is hugely popular, and you too can stay in shape by following a home fitness program. The two advantages of working out at home. The 2008 Physical Activity [...]


Stay On Course for Your Long-Term Health Goals

Are you concerned about neglecting your health and not sure where to start? You are not alone, many people would love to take charge of their health and begin a new, but unfortunately they fail. Many people spend much of their lives feeling defeated believing that things will never improve; they will accept that this [...]


Consider this: you have prospered in your career, and the greatest achievement is just a step ahead. You have worked hard to get to this point, and in this age of cutthroat competition, you have managed not only to survive, but achieve what you wanted to. You are aware that hectic work schedules and unreasonable [...]


Binge Eating and its Serious Consequences

Binge eating is characterized by periods of excessive overeating. People who suffer this disorder often eat excessive amounts of food, and are unable to control their urge to eat during their binge episodes. However, binges, unlike people who have anorexia or bulimia—two other common eating disorders—do not purge out their food. It is a condition [...]


The Shocking Truth about Healthy Foods

You choose your foods carefully, no added sugar, all natural, low fat, low cholesterol, no trans-fat, low calories and so on. The labelling would indicate that these foods are healthy. Processed foods are carefully designed to taste great, smell great and are packaged to look fantastic and inviting. Food manufacturers are in the market to [...]

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