The human body is a biological machine, extremely complex and nothing short of miraculous, it should be ones most precious possession. Health and wellness is consistent with the best from life. Preparing one's self with the most accurate and informative information to keep up ones family's health should be paramount! Begin today!

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Health TickNutrition - Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity can not only be avoided, but in many instances reversed with proper nutrition. Poor health has reached epidemic proportions, and traditional medical solutions are not the answer. Eating healthy food does not mean the food is not enjoyable, a very common misconception. Healthy nutritional food can taste amazing, equally as good.

Health TickFitness and Exercise - Technology has made our lives easier by removing the hard work required to do many formally labor intensive tasks. Our body's must exercise to keep up physical health. Modern society has encouraged us to become sedentary to our detriment. Take action on how one can compensate for this serious deficiency.


Antioxidant-Juice So just exactly why is it that nutritionist and dieticians always insist on “drinking your vitamins” by your fruits and vegetables? Can’t you just consume an entire vegetable or a fruit and get

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Are You Staying Hydrated?

Are You Staying Hydrated Glass of WaterDid you know that dehydration is the most common cause of headaches? When you don’t drink enough water, your blood doesn’t have enough fluid to transport nutrients, and your cells

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Exercise is the Best Medicine

Exercise is the Best Preventative Medicine Exercise is the Best Preventative MedicineResearchers at Stanford and Harvard University’s concluded that they saw “no statistically detectable differences” between taking medications for heart

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